Who Are We?

Connecting Ministries would not exist if it weren’t for our Heavenly Father. We want to glorify Him in all we do. No matter what denomination, background, age, or ethnicity, connecting individuals within the church and community is one way we can live out the mission of Jesus Christ: growing the kingdom of God. There is no greater way to live out His mission than coming together as a body of believers praying, discipling, and ministering to each other and the lost. Essentially, living life with each other and living out His Word in all we do!

Connecting Ministries was founded in 2015 to come alongside churches, organizations, and individuals, equipping and empowering them to live out God’s Word.

Our vision and prayer:

  • Provide the opportunity for individuals to come together and participate in biblical conferences that will provide them with a safe environment where they can connect and grow spiritually
  • Work with local non-profit organizations to meet the needs of their clients through counseling and small groups
  • Provide support in finding the right speaker for your next women’s event. Whether it be one of our Connecting Ministries speakers or someone else, we want to make sure that speaker fits the needs of your women. Request more info through the Contact Us page.
  • Provide consultation and training in women’s ministry and discipleship and grow into other areas of ministry. You can request more info regarding our Women’s Leadership Summit and trainings through the Contact Us page.