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Video Testimonials:

Hear from Jessica Lee, the women’s supervisor at Friends of Sinners, and how Connecting Ministries has come alongside this organization.


Hear from Lori Cassidy and how the conferences impacted and completely transformed her life.


Written Testimonials:

“Desiring connection with others has been imbedded in us by God.  When we care for and encourage one another communities are affected in positive ways and lives can be changed.  Connecting Women does just that.  They seek to care for and encourage the women in this community and surrounding areas.  As a local pastor I very much appreciate that there is a ministry like this that I can encourage women to participate in and that understands the value of Godly connection.  Thank you CW for your heart for women and for truly loving your neighbor. ”

—Russ Smith, Discipleship Pastor at Owensboro Christian Church


Working with this ministry has helped me find truth, purpose, and peace in my testimony. It has shown me the magnitude of God’s true love beyond what I ever knew before and the hope that His love promises.”

Chelsea Byrd, Kentucky


Hearing real women share their stories of how God has moved in their lives, worshiping, and praying for and with women hungry for the Lord brings me such joy. Cheryl and her team do a great job of showing women that they are not alone, God loves them immensely, and there is hope for all of us!

Maggie Cooper, Conference Attendee


For the first time in my life, I raised my hands in praise and worship at the Connecting Ministries Conference. My life was radically changed, and a lot of it started at the Connecting Ministries Conference.

Lori Cassidy, KY


I had never attended a women’s conference before, and it was just truly amazing. All of those women together worshiping God, loving each other, and being one body of believers. It was so pure. The God that brought these other women through trials, brought them closer to Him. It was a reminder I needed to hear for my own story.

Leann Westerfield, Kentucky


“Since the Connecting Women Conference in Owensboro, KY, I am now reading the devotional guide for the fourth time. Daily, the devotion contains exactly the ‘lesson’ that God knows I need for that specific day, so I draw strength from the writer’s words.

A Christian since age ten, I heard the ‘hope’ message contained in each speaker’s message at the conference. Hopefully, each lady at the Owensboro conference returned to her home with a closer relationship with God because of these messages. I did.”

—Dianne Colvin, CWC Attendee


“I can’t sing the praises of Cheryl Goss enough! From the moment I met Cheryl, I felt an instant connection. She is so genuine and her love for the Lord shines through. There’s no doubt who is in control of her life and what drives her in her passion for Connecting Ministries. Her realness and down to earth personality will instantly have your church group inspired to do more and to better serve the Lord. Regardless of where you are in your walk with Jesus, Cheryl will be able to show you how to continue stronger than before. I am honored to say that I am a stronger person after having met Cheryl.”

—Peggy Cooper, Leadership Summit, Illinois


“Cheryl came to our church with an open heart and a passion to see ladies connected to the local church in ministry. The weekend Cheryl spent with us initiated a ministry among women that is vibrant and growing today. Our women’s ministry now has vision and energy as they move forward growing in Christ and growing closer to one another. You will find Cheryl’s heart to be pure, flexible, knowledgeable, and driven to see Jesus glorified in the life of women. Without hesitation, I recommend Cheryl Goss as a sister in Christ, called to strengthen, energize, and mobilize Christian women to be on mission for the Lord.”

—Dr. John Mark Robinson, Pastor of Crossroads Church (Canton, TX)


We were blessed with the insights of building a women’s ministry in our church. Building from scratch as a young church, Cheryl brought structure for our women’s ministry. As we began to serve in our church, community, and state, we knew first to go to our Father in prayer, seek God’s Will, and serve where He leads. We praise God that Cheryl heard His call and is doing His Will.

—Jill, Women’s Summit Attendee (Texas)


Going into the Women’s Leadership Summit weekend, my heart was hardened and even resentful toward serving and ministry. I had struggled with finding where God was calling me to serve and was not happy with where I was currently serving. I definitely was not wanting to attend this conference, but I reluctantly went. It was amazing to me how in just 24 hours, God completely brought me to my knees and humbled me so that I could be shown the opportunity that He was leading me toward. In my brokenness, the Lord renewed my spirit and showed me a passion for women’s ministry that I had no idea was in me. A seed was planted that weekend and has grown in me to take on a leadership role with our newly started women’s ministry. I can’t wait to see what God does in the hearts of those I am serving with, our church, and the ministry as it takes off.

—Rebecca, Women’s Summit Attendee (Texas)


Cheryl, I am so thankful the Holy Spirit gave you a vision for the women’s conference. I was so blessed by the music, testimonies and speakers. How empowering it was just to be with so many women seeking God’s will!

—Leigh Ann, CWC Conference Attendee


Before Connecting Women’s Conference 2015, I had never attended a women’s conference nor did I really know what they were about. I also thought I wasn’t strong enough in my faith to attend something like this. A friend of mine who talked highly of Angie Smith was going, so I decided to go as well. I’m so very thankful I attended, because I was able to conquer some obstacles in my life. I was able to focus on me, and even when the speakers were talking about their struggles, I was thinking about my struggles and how there was always someone who could relate. Throughout the weekend, I realized that the title, “Letting Go”, was meant for me. I needed to let go of the fears and the anxiety of what I was holding in as I faced a change in jobs. God knows what we need, and sometimes it’s a little push from friends and some amazing women to show us in the Word where to look. The women who put on this conference have been such an amazing influence on my life! I will definitely attend more women’s conferences!

—Gabrielle, CWC Attendee