Cheryl Goss

Cheryl Goss is a women’s conference speaker, Bible teacher, encourager, and founder of Connecting Ministries. She is passionate about helping women find their own passions and gifts by claiming the story God has given them. Cheryl’s mission—personally and through Connecting Ministries—is to reach all women, regardless of denomination, generation, or background. She wants to connect with each woman she meets on a personal level and make them feel comfortable, accepted, and loved. Her passion is to share God’s Word in a way that speaks to each women where she is so that they leave encouraged and wanting more of Him.

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More About Cheryl

Cheryl came to know Christ after she walked through many dark trials during her childhood and young adult years. Once she came to know Him and the love He pours on us each day, He gave her a passion of sharing the Word of God and walking with others as we live out our messy lives. Cheryl leads a busy and sometimes chaotic life, but she has been happily married for ten years to the man who showed her to Christ. She is the wife to Ryan and mother to Timothy, Peyton, Layla, and Mia. Cheryl is passionate about seeing lives changed through the love that can only come from our Lord and Savior. Her family resides in Owensboro, KY and will soon be making a move to Nashville, TN.


Suiting Up for Battle

Based on the book of Ephesians and personal testimony, Cheryl helps women understand the battle we face each day and the armor that is provided through Christ Jesus. Cheryl walks through daily struggles of marriage, children, and everyday circumstances that can have us feeling overwhelmed and defeated. She also shares the promises and the armor that He gives us to overcome these battles.


Where is your hope? In our world we face social media, worldly ways, and sinful people that can sometimes lead us down paths where we find ourselves entangled in the enemy's lies. Lies that we should live and act a certain way. Lies that make us feel we are not worthy and/or accepted the way we are. Cheryl walks through different Scriptures that tell us otherwise. Through Scripture and God, she helps women open their eyes to where their hope is found.

Cheryl would ultimately like to speak to the women’s director or leader of event to get a feel of the women and generations that will be in attendance. She will then—through prayer—see where He leads for topics for your specific event.

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