Great is Your Faithfulness

Faithfulness is one of those Christian words we’ve seen on late night reruns one too many times. Always present but not truly absorbed. “I found a nickel, I found a Cheetos.” Anybody remember that episode of Full House?

In human terms, we have little on earth that even remotely brings a complimentary comparison to the unwavering faithfulness of God. The bottom line is that He is faithful and we are not. Period. Even in our best and most noteworthy attempts, our faithfulness is sheer rubbish held against our great God. You think about strong and loyal marriages—Christian marriages—and their commitment to one another. You hold them in high esteem, and yet even their seemingly pure faithfulness is in fact barely a glimmer of the constant, steady, laser focused faithfulness which never has in eternity past or eternity future even produced a thought to lean to the right or the left. It has just stayed. On and on, for you and for me.

And so, short and sweet this morning, I think it would be reasonable this day to quiet ourselves and think on His great faithfulness through the lens of Deuteronomy 31:8 which reads, “It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you; He will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.” Examine in this verse how He is willing Himself over and over, choosing over and over to be totally consumed with loving you—past, present, and future. Then He calls you to put down some emotion and rest. It’s as if He is saying, you are working unnecessarily and trying to do my part. Stop with the worry. There is no reason to be shaken. I am working for you, my child. Meditate on this verse for a few moments, and see what the Lord would reveal to you. Maybe an area in which you need to repent, or maybe He would remind you of your journey and how He has been laced in and throughout the whole time. Maybe He just deeply desires to be face to face with you. It’s been too long. No matter what the message, it’s sure to be a good and timely message. Make room in this day to experience the only true and lasting romance—God’s faithfulness to you.

Peace and grace to you today. Let His great faithfulness encourage your heart to be full and overflowing with great, powerful love to give to the world.