A Successful Christmas!?! Ashlee Nocita

December comes and it is the most wonderful (and busiest) time of the year.  Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone, Christmas decorations are out, wreaths are placed inside and outside the house, and garland is neatly draped around the fireplace and stairs.  The Christmas tree is lit and beautifully decorated gifts are placed under the tree. Christmas cookies have been made.  Christmas parties planned and attended.  The list really does go on and on. Thankfully you have gotten everything done on your “Christmas checklist”.  Success, right?  Well, maybe not!

How are we defining a successful Christmas this year? It’s not a simple answer. Life is complicated and filled with sorrow, challenges, joys, and excitement.  Christmas can bring out all of these emotions and more. Let me remind you of some Christmas facts powerful enough to change your life, comfort, guide, and enable you to go through the many ups and downs this Christmas season can bring.

After centuries of waiting, the longed for and greatly anticipated Christ was to be born.  Jesus Christ, Immanuel – God with us, would be born of the virgin Mary, live a perfect life, and deliver His people from their sins. This anticipated Savior:

  • Willingly left the presence of his Father to join created man.
  • Gave up his throne in exchange for a manger.
  • Once praised by all the heavenly hosts, was rejected by man
  • Became sin and endured a sinner’s death
  • Surrendered His life, so that through Him we can gain ours

The birth of Jesus Christ would impact the world forever! All people, including you, could now have a restored, loving relationship with their creator and savior.  No matter our past, no matter the pain, no matter the failure, no matter the scars – Immanuel came, endured, and became the savior that not only saves, but identifies with our weakness, pain, and hurt. Wow! How I need to think of this more often. 

Wrapped under the tree, is the perfect gift that God in his infinite love designed for broken, fallen, wounded people – THE SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST.  If you have not accepted Jesus, God’s gift to sinners, seek Him now and celebrate Christmas for the first time! 

A successful Christmas is not about buying that perfect gift or how beautiful your house looks. A successful Christmas for some is acquainting yourself with Jesus, for others it is reacquainting yourself to Him. May we take the time to escape the busyness of the season, be still, and spend it with Him. It is such a blessing to have Immanuel, God with us!