Cancer, Loss, and Suffering Well

Beth HolmesUncategorized1 Comment

In 2009, we learned that my mother had stage four breast cancer. After almost three years of treatments, and just before my son’s second birthday, she lost her battle on February 23, 2012. On December 15, 2014, a very kind doctor told me that I also had breast cancer. The good news was that my cancer was caught early. Although … Read More

Hope vs. Despair

Ashley FisherUncategorized1 Comment

I sank to the floor sobbing. I was exhausted and utterly heartbroken. In the middle of an extremely difficult season of life, I found out I was pregnant, only to find out something wasn’t quite right. I had known since my four week appointment that my numbers weren’t adding up, but it wasn’t until I was almost 10 weeks pregnant, … Read More

Prayers of His Saints

Morgan CheekUncategorized1 Comment

“There was a time I could not imagine saying this, but you know, I would not take it away if I could. God has used it for the good.” “As much of a hard, gut-wrenching time as it was… losing my baby taught me more about God than anything else that has ever occurred in my life. I can’t wish … Read More

Feeling Unhinged? How Does Your Prayer Life Look Lately?

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Feeling Unhinged? How Does Your Prayer Life Look Lately?   Prayer. In the realm of spiritual disciplines, praying is the one where I constantly feel like I fall short. Where I fail miserably.  Prayer requires me to sit still, which is hard for me to do. It requires me to open up, to be vulnerable and submissive, which goes against … Read More

Praying in Times of Trouble

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Where do you turn when you are facing a difficult situation? I’d like to give you the “churchy” answer and tell you that I always turn to Jesus when I need help, but that wouldn’t be the truth. The truth is, I turn to the internet, my Bible study friends, magazines, and a host of other fixes when I need … Read More

Waiting Stinks: A Prayer for Those Waiting

Ashley FisherUncategorized1 Comment

Waiting. Stinks. Waiting for a new job, a baby, for someone we know to change, to find out the results. Waiting can be flat out excruciating. From the time my husband Adam found out about his cancer diagnosis, the days of waiting to find out how much cancer was in his body felt like an eternity. The wondering was grueling. … Read More


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As soon as my husband and I stepped out of the baptismal waters, I jumped feet first into every class and group I could get myself into. I was hungry for knowledge and had spent years watching friends and family serve in their churches. I simply couldn’t wait to do the same now that I had Jesus in my heart … Read More

What Failure Has Taught Me About Forgiveness

Melissa GilmourUncategorized2 Comments

The stereotype is true that the more kids you have, the more you let go. I used to think of it as a frazzled and frustrated letting things go, the type that elicits searing thoughts like, What a shame, she’s really let herself go. You know the picture—a disheveled mom with greasy hair and milk-stained t-shirt wearing the same sweatpants … Read More

You are Stronger than You Think: From Quitter to Overcomer

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My name is Erika and I’m a quitter. From the time I was just a knee-high and pigtail wearing little girl, when the going got tough, I quit. Anything from basketball to piano lessons in childhood to various positions and even ministry jobs. It didn’t matter how big or small the task, how prestigious the position, or routine the responsibility, … Read More

Goodness in the Land of the Living

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Doesn’t it seem like the longer we wait for something to occur, the less likely we think it is to happen? That call back for your dream job. The clear health bill that you long to have. That person you desire to treat you well to come around. Marriage. The baby. Joy. Whatever it is, the quicker something happens, the … Read More