The Great Submission

Morgan CheekSubmission0 Comments

I am a lover of things going my way. In theory, I would tell you that I want to be a selfless servant; in action and mind, however, I spend a lot of time attempting to micromanage things to go in the direction I think is best. To me, if I’m honest, this word submission sounds a lot like a … Read More

Service & Sacrifice

Julie DunnUncategorized1 Comment

I recently had the privilege of serving as the interim preschool director at my church a few months this summer. I was glad to fill this temporary position until a new director was found. I have two children in the preschool ministry where I already served on a regular basis, so it was an easy transition. My primary responsibilities were … Read More

Change Takes Time

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“I know that time brings change and change takes time.” I think about this lyric each time there is a life transition. It reminds me that not everything will always stay the same. In fact, life would be a little boring if there wasn’t change. Yet, change can be scary. Transition can be uncomfortable. That whole unknown thing is a … Read More

Fear From Awe

Morgan CheekUncategorized1 Comment

I love reading the places in God’s Word in which the disciples get all panicked about the weather. It seems as if whenever the winds and waves blow fiercely, the apostles get all in a frenzy. I, too, freak out about the things I can’t control. “…Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came toward … Read More

When It’s Freezing

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When it’s freezing, everything and everyone is forced inside into hibernation. Stuck. Sometimes when life moves in on you, it can feel like death, and oh, how you long to get out. Staying in can bring the BIG ugly out. It’s like shaking a can of diet cherry soda with all that artificial sweetness; there is an explosion waiting to … Read More

When I Feel Insecure

Ashley FisherSecurity2 Comments

I am a 32 year old adult woman, but to this day, social media can mentally bring me back to the socially disastrous days of middle school. The days when I desperately wanted to sit at the popular table. Insecurity started with seeing a picture of my friends getting together without me, and end with me deciding I must not … Read More

True Security

Julie DunnSecurity4 Comments

Last weekend after my 3-year-old son’s t-ball game, my family and I headed to Dairy Queen for lunch (because ice cream after t-ball is a must according to my father). My parents, husband, preschooler, toddler, and I ordered and ate our lunches. Since food was involved, my children behaved pretty well and remained in the booth without too much effort … Read More

The Fullness of Empty

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Full of self-love, we snack on the things of this world. We cram this life full of stuff, only to hear the rumbling of our souls, an appetite that is never satisfied. We are full of it. Full, yet unsatisfied, and always hungering for more. Jesus tells us in Luke 17:33, “If you cling to your life (seeking to become … Read More


Morgan CheekSecurity0 Comments

I remember prom week like it was yesterday. After the date had been settled, the invitation offered, and the perfect dress picked out, the basting began. You read that right. My dad jokingly called the prom week ritual, “basting”- comparing to preparing a turkey on Thanksgiving morning. I would go to the tanning bed, get my nails done, whiten my … Read More


Tam HodgeSecurity, Tam Hodge1 Comment

I love a straight shooter. Tell me the truth. Be honest with others – and be honest with yourself. “Be honest in your evaluation of yourselves…” Because let’s be honest…this ain’t easy. We tend to point out other’s shortcomings while donning the very same ones. So in the spirit of being honest, I will be honest with you here. I … Read More